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Litigation Support For Your Specialized Needs

TransDigital provides Legal Document Services support like custom scanning and copying of documents for any types of businesses, whether it’s a small office or a large corporation. Outsourcing such tasks can greatly benefit the productivity rate of your own employees. This will allow them to perform and complete other tasks that are more important while we take care of these minor tasks.

We Understand Your Legal Document Needs

TransDigital understands that legal documents contain classified and sensitive information that needs to be kept in a secured and safe storage. We know that if these documents are accidentally or maliciously exposed, the people and businesses involved might incur irreparable damage.

Thus, we provide a solution for the legal community that will lessen such risks – digitizing your document and storing them in a highly protected online database. The best part about this digitization, however, is you can quickly access them anytime and anywhere in the world.

As we save you from these hassles, you only have to sit back, relax and wait for its completion. This gives you more time to accomplish other tasks while sparing you the troubles. We provide a fast turnaround time with a very reasonable pricing.

Our knowledge and experience of the legal community give us the right tools to keep up with your requirements as part of your Litigation Support in the most efficient and effective way. We fully understand the need to comply with the strict schedule of the deadline because we are committed to giving our customers a reliable and the fast service.

A Wide Array of Document Services

Document scanning solution needs a detailed planning and skilled people to implement it. At TransDigital, the following data processing solutions are offered:

  • Forms Processing
  • Document Scanning
  • OCR Scanning
  • Microfilm Scanning
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Mail-Room Services
  • Document Web Hosting

Document Coding and Coding
TransDigital codes to your specifications. Your Records can be coded by Case Number, Case Name, Client Name or with a Bates Number. To ensure accuracy, the indexed data may be compared to databases or tables you may have. Tables may be used as well to add data to other fields. In addition, the key index fields may be double keyed for accuracy. When Legal Records are finished scanning, they must be put into an application such as an IPRO or Summation for further coding and recall.

Legal Record Scanning Services

Our legal document services are done using VRS Scanners and ultrasonic misfeed detection. This type of technology makes sure no files are lost because of misfeeds. Ultrasonic misfeed detection transfer sonar waves through the paper to check if two pages were simultaneously scanned.
  • Virtual Rescan (VRS) This type of technology makes sure that all images have the right brightness and contrast ratios. Images are also enhanced and de-skewed. Most of the time, the scanned image either better than or equal to the original copy.

Documents can be scanned at the dpi of your own choice and in black & white, grey-scale or in color. Higher rates may be applied for a colored scan and higher dpi scanning because it takes longer to scan.

Document Folder

Legal Document Services For critical documents

We offer Legal Document Scanning services to Law Firms to make them quickly retrieve files for Litigation Support like:

  • Evidence
  • Transcripts
  • Pleadings
  • More
Processes are custom built to suit your needs. Legal records can be retrieved by:

  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Client Name
  • Bates Number
Our cloud storage will provide Legal Document Services by giving access to your company to retrieve files from any internet that is connected to iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile device or Android. The document can be kept on your mobile devices for offline viewing.

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