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Paper Shredding With Your Privacy in Mind

Regularly schedule of Paper Shredding Service

Protect yourself from data breach and save millions of dollars from lost revenue, customers and fines. At TransDigital, Document Shredding makes all paper documents go into tamper-proof containers where the papers are destroyed and recycled securely.

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Professional Document Shredding and Disposal

Avail of the convenience that a regularly-scheduled Paper Shredding service provides:
  • Fixed schedule of pick-ups
  • Secured containers in your office
  • Free Workplace Privacy Policies
  • Secure, locked containers in your office
  • Paper Shredding ensures 100% recycling

Reasons to outsource shredding

Aside from identity theft, there are other reasons why Paper Shredding should be implemented:

  • To Protect Customers

Customers share confidential information with businesses almost every day. You have the obligation to protect that information given that you are gathering data to do business. Your customers expect that you make necessary precaution to secure their information.

  • To Protect Employees

The information of your past employees like employment applications, insurance and health records, attendance records among others should be legally protected. This is done by shredding before discarding.

  • To Protect Trade Information

The courts have noted several times that trade information protections will not be recognized if a company fails to provide any measure to protect the information themselves. The ordinary disposal of information has been the rationale behind the court’s decision to deny trade information rights.

  • To Boost Business Credibility

Shredding your most sensitive documents will help increase your company’s credibility. Clients will be at peace knowing that their information is safe and secure in your business.

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Your Shredding Service Options

We have a number of paper shredding options to offer:
  • We provide an off-site shredding service, where we go to your office and gather your sensitive documents. We place them in a secured container and shred at one of our secure shredding facilities.
  • We can have the shredding conducted on-site at your work. This will use a mobile shredding unit and shred the files in your presence.
  • We offer regular shredding services, where we come on an agreed schedule and gather your paperwork and either conduct an on-site shredding or take the papers away.

All businesses that handle personal and sensitive information for their valued clients are aware of the importance of secure Document Shredding. With an increasing number of cases related to identity theft, it is crucial to secure your business from privacy infiltration by making sure that all files with sensitive information are destroyed securely to prevent anyone from coming in contact with your files.

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Secure Document Shredding For Your Peace of Mind

At TransDigital, we take your confidential files and privacy very seriously. Our Document Shredding service is conducted by authorized people only and 100% compliant with FACTA and HIPAA. All your paper documents will be completely destroyed at a secure location where access is limited only to staff that is highly trained and bound by confidentiality agreements. We have a fully-insured facility that is equipped with an alarm that monitors 24/7 for additional protection. Here at TransDigital, we don’t worry about small things. If your paper documents that are about to be shredded have paper clips or staples all over it, you will not be charged with extra cost. Consider paper shredding service a vital part of keeping your business safe from privacy breaches, and protect your clients and employees as well from those who could misuse their sensitive information.

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