TransDigital is taking your business to the next level by going digital. We will lift a load off your shoulders by taking care of all the scanning services that your office needs. You and your staff no longer need to exhaust so much energy and time in scanning documents page by page. Let professional document services providers do this for you.

Aside from this, we also cater to document shredding and legal document services. These tasks can be very tedious and take so much time to accomplish. You can outsource these services so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business operation.


Document Scanning Services You Can Depend On

We live in a generation where we are fortunate enough to enjoy the many advantages of modern day technology. We no longer live in an era where it takes hours, even days and weeks, to accomplish filing tasks. In fact, with the aid of the appropriate technology, our day-to-day jobs are made a lot easier.

With this in mind, TransDigital believes in embracing these current technologies in order to take any business to the next level. Businesses of today survive and thrive when they open themselves to the many possibilities that technology can bring. It does not matter what industry you are in if you intend to make a difference, ride the wave of modern-day technology and see the significant difference it can make for your business.

Secure and Reliable Document Services

Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Say goodbye to manual filing. Let us scan and digitize all your documents.
Legal Document

Legal Document Services

Safe and secure solution for all your sensitive and highly classified documents.
Document Shredding

Document Shredding

Fast, safe, and confidential shredding services at your facility.

Scale Your Document Management and Business Today!

We at TransDigital can help you make this happen. We believe that every business has an untapped potential. Tapping into this potential means really making time to discover your business culture and purpose. We help you by taking on basic jobs in your business that can rob you and your team of this time to discover your real purpose in the industry you are in.
Our hardworking staff members are trained to deliver excellent document services. We equip them to prioritize the integrity of each document when scanning them so that the quality is not compromised.

Why Outsource Scanning Services?

Outsourcing these basic needs in your business can benefit you and your staff in so many ways. A lot of businesses are not aware of these benefits.
1. It saves you time.

Your employee does need to spend excruciating hours scanning or shredding hundreds upon hundreds of documents that go through your office each day. You no longer need to ask another staff to multitask to avoid delays and backlogs.

With TransDigital, you can outsource these tasks and give your employees more time to concentrate on the more important needs of running your business.

2. Your business can save on cost.

Your company does need to hire a separate person to do document services. The cost of outsourcing these services are a lot cheaper than having to pay for the salary of a full-time employee.

Additionally, you no longer have to invest in expensive equipment in order to scan and shred your documents. TransDigital is equipped with advanced scanning and shredding equipment that allows us to do the job for you faster.

3. Your documents are preserved.

TransDigital helps you preserve your document by storing them in retrievable spaces such as your USB, DVD, CD, external hard drive, or Google Drive. They retain their original quality many years later.

4. Files are safe.

Nothing can be more dreadful than a tragedy falling upon your business office. It can get hit by fire or a flood that is sure to damage all your files. TransDigital can help you make sure that all your important files remain hidden safely.

5. Files are easily accessible.

Digital files can easily be accessed with the use of your email. They can also be easily sent to your personal email account wherever you may be at any time of the day. This saves you on courier cost and the time you need to wait until the document reaches you.

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